Kicking things off

Hello World!

I’m an environmentalist living in beautiful Portland, Oregon, and this is my new blog on all things environmental.  I’ve been a life-long lover of the great outdoors, and have worked with The Nature Conservancy, the Institute of Natural Resources, and SOLVE on a whole range of environmental restoration and management projects.  I’ve trudged and trekked wetlands in hunt of invasive plants, mapped Sage Grouse habitat under the scorching desert sun, even motivated volunteers to plant hundreds of native trees and shrubs on wet and cold January weekends.

I’m hoping to use this blog to post all sorts of great info on environmental management, urban ecology, watershed restoration, and all things ecological.  I’m passionate about water issues, especially the interface between water and society, and the way we use, misuse, interact with, and attempt to ignore the most fundamental natural resource.

Stay tuned… more to come…

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