Moscow River on Fire, Stunning Video

What happens when an oil spill on a river ignites? Check out this stunning videos from Moscow, Russia.

River fires holds a special place in the history of the environmental movement, especially in the US. This is hardly the first time such a spectacle has occurred. Those familiar with history will recall the infamous Cuyahoga river in Ohio. Once considered the “most polluted river in the US”, the Cuyahoga river caught on fire, a lot. In 1969, TIME magazine ran a cover story on the river that burns (the river caught on fire in June of that year, but the cover photo was actually from an early fire). The concept of water polluted to the point of flammability shocked The conscience of the nation was so shocked that drastic political action was spurred. Many argue it was keystone event that led to the Clean Water Act (which governs the protection of our surface waters to this day) as well as the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency.

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